Static Site Generation with Hugo and Vagrant

March 25, 2016

The Project

I’ve been working with @mattbatman on a pro bono project to build a new site for the Bloomington Playwrights Project. It’s relatively simple so it lends itself to being a static site even though there are some moving parts.

The Lay of the Land

The BPP has a slate of shows that change from year to year. Similarly, they have a set of special events that change frequently. Each of those elements have associated moments in time when they occur.

They sell tickets for their shows via an external system. So no worries there – just a link.

All of the events produced by or related to the BPP need to be on a unified calendar. This will require some trickery.

There is a physical location so they need a map, directions, information about accessibility, etc.

A gallery of photos related to shows and special events is required in addition to a set of related videos and other media.

A set of current and past donors, their logos, and additional copy about those donors is needed as well as an easy way to add/remove/change those donors.

Other purpose-built static pages are needed for things like donor information, opportunities to get involved in the theater, and general information about the theater.

Since time passes incessantly, an automatic archiving mechanism is needed so we can see old shows, events, etc.

Lastly, there’s a desire for there to be blog-like content added over time easily without too much need for technical know-how.

A Basic Hugo Site

$ cd /wherever/you/want/your/site
$ vagrant init hashicorp/trusty64
$ vagrant up
$ vagrant ssh
$ git clone --recursive themes


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